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Today is Jan 18, 2020
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Market Update
Summary Of Lastest Cooling Measure

Existing and new Seller's Stamp duyu (SSD) rates for residential properties (wef 11th March 2017).
The changes will see the SSD holding period cut to 3 yrs.

Holding Period                      14 Jan 2011 to 10 March 2017        On & after 11 March 2017
Up to 1 year                                       16%                                        12%
More than 1 yr & up to 2 yrs                 12%                                         8%
More than 2 yr & up to 3 yrs                   8%                                         4%
More than 3 yr & up to 4 yrs                   4%                                  No SSD payable
More than 4 yrs                           No SSD payable

Sources: Mninistry of National Developement, Monetary of Singapore, Ministry of Finance

New property cooling measures, wef 12th Jan 2013

1. Additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD):
a. Singaporeans-7% on 2nd property; 10% on 3rd property
b. PR- 5% on 1st property 10% on 2nd property & 3rd property
c. Foreigners- 15% for all properties

2. Min cash down payment for individuals who are applying for a second or subsequent housing loan will also be raised from 10% to 25%.

3. Loan quantum for second housing loan reduced to 50% or 30% if loan tenure exceeds 30 years.

4. Loan quantum for third or subsequent housing loans will be reduced to 40% or 20% if loan tenor exceeds 30 years

5. PR who own HDB flats will be disallowed for subletting their whole flat.

6. Max strata floor area for new EC units to be capped to 160sqm.

7. Sales of new dual key EC units will be restricted to multi-generational families only.

8. New Sellers stamp duty for industrial property of between 5% - 15%, if it is sold within 3 years of purchase.

To find out more and how it affects you, please call me at Hp 96200581 for a non obligatory discussion.

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